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I love pocket tools and multitools. This one is different. It feels like an original idea.

It's cast, not machined but still feels sturdy. So far the only thing I've used it for is to open boxes with the flat head screwdriver; works well for that. Time will tell if it lasts. We'll see if the phillips head can turn anything without coming apart....

Catherine Mcgunnigle about 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool

I ordered 3 for Christmas gifts. Gave one early to one of my three girls. It is so soft. She loves it. It is warm.

Can do used to wear or to cuddle. Then the little one took it. They love to play with and 2 wear it at the same time. Anyway I just ordered sever ore for the other grandkids. Very happy with these and encourage you to get if you want something very soft and warm. Hurry before they are out of stock again.

SAM about Blanket Sweatshirt For Adults & Children

I am also someone who does not write reviews, but I am in love with this.

Oh my goodness, I love this. It is so warm, comfy and soft. I am a big girl and it fits perfect, did I mention it was warm? I am always cold, this thing ROCKS! I would definitely recommend this warm hoodie. I am finally going to be nice and warm this winter in my sometimes not so warm home.

Tammy about Blanket Sweatshirt For Adults & Children

This is the best thing I've bought all year!

My office is kept at a brisk 60 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the winter, and has a relaxed dress code, so as soon as I saw this I snapped one up right away. It is the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe bar none. My boss asked where he could get one as soon as he saw it. 10/10 would buy again.

Lynn about Blanket Sweatshirt For Adults & Children

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